Team Challenge Wednesday

How to: Set up one team challenge for every Wednesday in a month. Group people into teams based on location in the office, department, or city. Add your group to their teams on the backend in advance. On Wednesdays, encourage your groups to out-step each other by scheduling walking meetings, walking to get lunch, or organizing a jog over their afternoon breaks. Announce the winning team on Thursday morning! 

Perfect for: groups of under 100 participants that share one office location.

Host a Challenge Leading Up to an Event

Create a shorter challenge and end it with a bang!

How to: Host a target challenge on Friday and Saturday, then reconvene on Sunday for a picnic in a local community space. The top-five steppers in the leaderboard are excused from picnic clean-up! 

Perfect for: groups of any size that may have different offices or remote employees, but still work in the same city or location. 

Increase Company Morale with a Longer Team Challenge

How to: Create a six-week team challenge so teammates can hold each other accountable for the full month and a half - and hopefully get to know one another better along the way! Instead of creating teams based on location or department, have people sign up for teams based on interests, such as favorite local sports team, favorite classic movie, or favorite pizza topping. 

Perfect for offices with multiple locations, or groups that need to boost their company culture. 

Challenge Your Group - the Two Week Streak

At Stridekick, we like to focus on setting and hitting goals. That's why we love streak challenges! Two weeks is the perfect amount of time to challenge your participants with a streak challenge. 

How to: Pull a Members Roster report to determine your group's average steps, then create a streak challenge with a goal that is slightly higher than that average. At the end of the challenge announce which users hit 14/14 days. Want to add a prize? Custom t-shirts for streak winners are a great motivator and comply with company dress code! 

Perfect for: all organizations! 

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