Badges are awarded for successfully completing some variations of community challenges created by Stridekick. You can earn a badge by successfully completing a streak, target or journey community challenge. No badges are rewarded for community leaderboard challenges.

You may also receive some of the unique, limited badges (pictured below). These two types of badges rewarded will display in your trophy case for you to brag about to all of your friends.

Unfortunately, badges aren't awarded for private challenges. Therefore, any challenges you create and post to the community board or share privately with friends will not receive badging. 

Types of Badging

Fit: 0-12k steps a day
Pro: 14-18k steps a day
Elite: 20k plus a day

Fit: 22 - 67k per week
Pro: 78-101k per week
Elite: 168k per week

Special Stridekick Challenge Messaging

You also have the opportunity to collect special medals, gifs, images or fun messages when completing any of Stridekick's special community challenges. All special challenge messages will be delivered to participants in-app after the challenge is complete. These rewards will not be added to your trophy collection!

We're all about keeping everyone motivated to move more! Got any ideas on rewarding or incentives you think everyone would love? Reach out to our support team via the blue chat icon in the bottom right hand corner. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Get out there and join some community challenges to make some new friends and get moving together!

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