To sustain engagement, increase excitement, and encourage your group to get active, good communication practices are key when you are running your wellness program. Use these communication tips and templates to help you deliver concise, accurate, information during your challenges.

Your First Challenge Announcement  

Your first challenge announcement is important because it needs to include signup details for potential new users. Add your own copy, and the challenge link, to the template below to successfully on board your users. 

Let's get active! Join the ___________ team and let's work together to take strides towards a healthier more active lifestyle. Connect with any leading fitness tracker or use your smartphone to track your steps and see how you stack up against the group.
Start date:

Follow these steps to join!

Sign up via mobile

  1. Click this link on your mobile device: [share link]
  2. Download the Stridekick app from the iTunes or Google Play store.
  3. Log in or create a Stridekick account and connect your tracking device
  4. Get moving! You've been added to the challenge.

*You must connect your Apple Watch or iPhone through mobile

Join the challenge on the web:

  1. Click this link in a computer browser: [share link]
  2. Select 'Join challenge' in the top left hand corner
  3. Log in or create a Stridekick account and connect your tracking device*
  4. Get moving! You've been added to the challenge. 

Need help?
Reach out to Stridekick support! Just click on the blue chat icon in the corner of the site, or head to “More” and “Need help? Message Us Here!” from the app. You can also email and the Stridekick team will get you connected.

End of Challenge Reminder

Near the end of a challenge, it is important to remind your group to sync their fitness trackers or health apps to Stridekick so they can get credit for all their hard work! This short reminder template can be sent out internally from your organization's communication center, or from Stridekick, if your plan includes in-app messaging. 

Subject: You’re almost done with the challenge!!

Hi there,

Woah, where has the time gone? Can you believe that the ___________ challenge is about to end? Don’t miss out - sync right now to ensure your steps count towards your challenges! The sooner you sync the quicker we can see the final results.

Good luck, and the odds be ever in your favor!


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