How do I create a team challenge?

To create a team challenge you'll need to have admin access to your company's Group Experience Manager. Once logged in, follow the steps below. 

Note, by filling out information in this form you will not be making your challenge in real time. You will be submitting a request which will then be created on the back end by a Stridekick employee within 48 business hours.

  1. Select 'Create challenge' from the Challenges dropdown

2. Choose 'Team Challenge'

3. Input information in all required fields. Below are best practices.

Understanding team creation or allowing team captains.

Toggling team creation to 'on' will allow for team captains to create teams in your challenge. This only allows them to edit their team's name and image. Once created, make sure all team captains advise their teammates to join through the team challenge page on the web!

Team Participant Limit

Max number of users refers to the maximum number of participants you'd like to include on each team. This will be the cap and once reached no additional Members will be allowed to join the team.

Pro tips: We highly recommend having at least 2-3 participants on each team as the challenge is based on averages. Teams with only 1 participant that has a high step count will remain at the top of the leaderboard. 

Team Names

If you're creating teams so that you're participants have options to join you will input their names to be created on the back end. If you aren't sure of the names of the teams please indicate Team 1, Team 2, Team 3 etc. You will then be able to go into the 'Teams' section of the Group Experience Manager to edit names and images of all teams.

Grace Period

All team challenges have a 3 day grace period which allows all members 72 hours after the challenge has ended to sync in their results.

4. Click 'Submit' to send your team challenge request to Stridekick

What do I need to know after I've submitted by request form?

Team challenges are set up on the backend by Stridekick.  

Once you've filled out the form your challenge will put it all together within 2 business days (or less).  

Once it is created we will send you a message with all the details for your challenge and next steps to get participants on board. Team challenges default to not allow late entry by participants. If you'd like to allow participants to join after the challenge has started you will need to let a Stridekick representative know. You can find the on boarding instructions in your GEM Toolkit under communication template.

If you have any further questions on Stridekick team challenges that weren't addressed in this article please message our support team through the blue chat icon in the bottom right hand corner.

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