How Do I Join the Schnucks Step Challenge? 

To join the Schnucks Step Challenge, please follow the steps below:

  1. Text STEPS to 27126
  2. Click on the link from the text message to download the Stridekick app
  3. Create an account in Stridekick, and you should be auto-joined in the challenge!

Where Do I Enter My Phone Number? 

When joining the Schnucks Step Challenge, you'll be prompted to answer some additional questions first, including your phone number to link your Stridekick account to your Schnucks Rewards account:

You'll need to be a Schnucks Rewards Member and enter the phone number that is associated with your Schnucks Rewards account in order to receive prizes for the challenge.

How Do I Know if I've Joined the Challenge?

After joining the Schnucks challenge, you should see the challenge listed in the Challenges section of the Stridekick dashboard as shown below: 

What are the Official Rules for the Schnucks 2020 Steps Challenge?

Please click here to access the official rules.

How Do I Connect a Device and Sync My Steps? 

Please click here to learn how to connect a device and click here to learn how to sync your steps.

I Have Another Question. Where Can I Get Help? 

Please reach out to the Stridekick support team for additional assistance! You can reach our support team by clicking on the orange chat icon at the bottom of this page or by email at

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