Which is the perfect challenge for you? Well, that depends on your goals!

Streak Challenge

Streak challenges allow you to track the number of consecutive days you achieved your step goal, and motivate your fellow steppers to do the same! In a streak challenge, each users has the same daily goal, but they are tracking their individual progress. Streak challenge "winners" reach 100% of the daily goals. (For example, 14/14 days at 16k a day.) Users will also see a member leaderboard in the streak challenge. 

Journey Challenge

The Journey is a virtual distance race set in exciting locations like the Camino de Santiago, Disney World, the Pacific Crest Trail, and many more. Complete a public journey challenge from the community challenges page and earn a badge! Participate in a private journey to have fun with your friends or coworkers as you walk in a new place! 

Target Challenge 

A target challenge has one overall goal that each user is trying to hit by the end of the challenge (for example, with a target goal of 140,000 steps in 14 days, each person is trying to get 140,000 steps in 14 days. They will hit this if they get 10k a day, but the don't have to hit 10k a day to still hit their goal). Set your total step goal and track your pace to make sure you and your fellow steppers reach your goals by the end of the challenge.

Leaderboard Challenge

Feeling extra competitive? Leaderboard allows competitive steppers to achieve ultimate glory by making it to the top of the leaderboard for best steps. See how you rank with other players and earn bragging rights as best stepper of them all!

Looking to host a team challenge?

Stridekick does offer team challenges through our group programs (not available on the free user platform).  Find out more about our group program options here.

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