To create a challenge from the app, select “Challenges” and hit the '+' icon. (To learn about the different types of challenges we offer, check-out this article). Enter the information in the fields provided (creative challenge names encouraged!). 

To create a challenge from Stridekick online, select "Challenges" and "Create a challenge". Then, follow the steps!

Invite Your Friends!

The more the merrier! As you will see, in the app you have the option to invite participants right when you finish making your challenge. 

You can also invite friends directly from your "Challenges" page! Click "Challenge Info" and the 'add friends' icon.

From Stridekick online, go to your upcoming challenge and select "Challenge Admin" to invite participants. 

Challenges start at midnight of the day they begin, and end at 11:59 on the end-date. You can monitor your progress, compare your stats with others, and communicate with challenge members within each challenge. We encourage you to post and respond to motivational - or competitive - comments within the group! 

When a challenge ends, there will be a 72-hour grace period during which people can sync their devices. The best way for Stridekick to accurately track your steps is for you to sync frequently! To sync, simply head into our app, explore, and engage with your community. 

Happy Stepping! 

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