If you use a pedometer, don’t have a device, or your current wearable doesn’t integrate with Stridekick, you can now manually add your steps to get moving with friends, family, and coworkers. 

Currently you can edit the previous 14 days of data. You must enter each day's data individually. Do not add in sums of step or distance data over a period of time or for multiple members. Manually inputing team member's collective steps into one account will mess up team challenge averages and give an unfair advantage. Grace period rules always apply.  Once a challenge moves to the completed tab, your manually added steps will not be pulled into the challenge.  

By selecting manual entry you will be prevented from participating in Stridekick community challenges and challenges where manual entry is not allowed by the host. All users will now be prompted in challenge creation to decide if manual entry users are allowed in their challenges. If you're changing from a previously connected device to manual entry you will automatically be removed from any challenges you’re in that don’t allow manual entry.

Follow the steps below to manually enter your steps to Stridekick

1. Login or Sign up for Stridekick via our app (App Store or Google Play) or on the web.

If you already have an account: Navigate to https://stridekick.com/users/device or More -> Change Device on the app

2. On the Select Device screen select the Manual Entry option

3. Add your steps, distance and active minutes data daily via web or mobile.

How to add steps on the mobile app:

1. Tap the text underneath your step count

2. Enter your steps, distance, and active minutes data

3.. Save
4. Use the [+] and [-] buttons to view more or less days of data.

How to add steps on the web:

1. Select the Manual entry button in the top left hand corner

2. Edit

3. Enter your steps, distance and active minutes data

4. Save

Rules and Regulations:

Manual entry allows you to add and adjust your steps for today and the previous 14 days. Once you have surpassed the 14 day limit you will not be able to add or adjust your steps to bring into your challenge. Grace period rules always applied. Once the challenge grace period is over you will not be able to pull your data into the challenge. 

We recommend adding your steps once a day. As a best practice, when you wake up make sure to add your steps from the previous day for the most accurate count! Please remember to enter your data for each individual day. Do not enter in sums of data for multiple days. If you're going in once a week to add your data manually, you should add each day individually. 

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