Stridekick’s journey mode allows you to trek virtual journeys all around the world. Add a stamp to your virtual passport by completing one of our many trails. Don’t see the trail you’re looking for? Geocode your own and upload it for others to trek as well. Follow the directions below to create your own virtual trail!

1. Download Google Earth for your computer

2. Watch this Stridekick YouTube tutorial: 

3. Create your virtual trail using the Path tool
*Remember to stay on the roads. Trail cannot go over buildings or landscape.

4. Save as .kml

5. Email Stridekick support through the blue chat icon in the bottom right hand corner with the .xml file attached.

6. Stridekick support will upload your trail and publish it to our Journey trail library, if everything looks correct! If changes need to be made we will let you know then. 

Best practice tips:

  1. Stay on roads. The path cannot go over buildings or landscape. *If trail does not stay along physical roads our system will not let us upload the trail. Please do your best to stick to the pavement!
  2. You must insert at least 5 points per mile. 
  3. Keep your daily average mileage and duration in mind when choosing how long the trail will be. The best way to calculate your max mileage is to multiply your daily average mileage by 31, the max duration.
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