As you know our team challenge is run in a leaderboard format based on averages. For those of you in a team challenge, you know that all you can view is team averages as of that point in time. For team captains who want to go above and beyond to view weekly progress by individuals or even total steps, you can take one step further to get this data on your team members! Choose one of the options below.

Friend all teammates and compare

In the Stridekick Friends tab you can view a list of all of your Friends, who have synced that day, organized in a leaderboard fashion based on total steps! Therefore, if you friend all members of your team you can view everyone's daily, weekly, monthly or all time stats. Based on this information you can reward your teammates for their hard work and progress!

Create side challenges

The second option is to set up a side streak challenge to run either weekly or monthly - depending on the challenge and stats you're looking to collect! You'll then invite all your team members to this challenge and monitor it alongside the Team challenge. You will be limited to the free user limit of 10 participants per challenge. Therefore, if you have more than ten you'll have to set up multiple challenges to monitor.

From the streak challenge you'll be able to see total steps, % of streak met and more data on the individual progress. This allows you to reward your team, whether it's with physical prizes or verbal encouragement! So team captains, start your engines. 

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