With Stridekick's team mode you can on board participants in two different ways. The first, and most common, way is to pre-create teams so when you send out the announcement your participants can just join the team of their choice and get moving! The second option is to allow for team captains. This way participants form teams and nominate a captain to log on first and create the team before everyone joins! 

The dilemma with the first option being, what if you don't know who will want to join this time around. You want to gauge interest before creating teams and splitting participants up. So what do you do? Simple! Follow the directions below.

When filling out the Team Challenge Request form you'll follow the standard format, but when it gets to team names you'll only put down one team. We suggest calling this team "I'm in". From there you include in the description of the challenge and your announcement two things: 1. When participants need to join the general "I'm in" team by. 2. Once the cut off hits you'll be stopping sign up to divide and create teams! 

Once the cut off occured and you've finished dividing and figuring out team names, you'll then reach out to your Stridekick representative with the exact Team Names. They will then go in on the back end to add these teams to the team challenge. The Stridekick support person will let you know when this is finished so you can go into GEM and manually add the correct people to their corresponding teams

Another option is to create a one day streak challenge with the same intent of gauging interest before dividing and placing participants.

Now, you're ready to play! Enjoy the challenge and let us know if you have any confusion by reaching out through the blue chat icon in the bottom right hand corner.

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