When using Stridekick's team challenge mode you'll be able to utilize all four exclusive reports through your Group Experience Manager. Monitor progress, announce winners and shoutout participants going above and beyond. All reports will pull data as of the exact time you're pulling the report.

Types of Reports

Team Challenge Roster

Pull a full Member list to review which participants have joined which team. This will also include their email for external communications.

Team results: Team totals

Team challenges are run in a leaderboard fashion based on averages. Therefore, in the app you will not be able to view steps and distance sums for each team. Use this report to view each team's total steps and distance at that point in time. Grace period rules applied.

Team results: Overall totals

Use this report to pull total sums of the steps, distance and active minutes from every single participant in the challenge. Best used if you're looking to send out a message to tell your group what you've collectively stepped or traveled! Grace period rules applied.

Team results: Participant totals

Take a deeper dive to see how each individual participant did throughout the team challenge. Use this report to pull individual participant sums as of that point in time. Grace Period rules applied.

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