When you create a challenge in Stridekick, you'll have the option to choose between 3 different challenge modes. Here's a quick guide to each mode to help you decide which mode to choose.


A fitness competition classic! The Leaderboard mode ranks challenge participants based on steps or active minutes. The participant with the most steps or minutes at the end of the challenge will achieve the ultimate glory by making it to the top of the leaderboard.

For Leaderboard challenges, you'll be able to sort all participants by average and total steps, distance, or active minutes. Although not scored on distance, this is the only user-created challenge type that includes the option to sort by distance.


Build healthier habits with a hot streak! In this mode, participants can track the number of consecutive days they meet a daily steps or active minutes goal. For meeting a daily goal each day in a row, your streak count will continue to rise.

You'll also be able to compare your progress with other challenge participants to see who's keeping up! You'll be able to see what percentage of participants met the daily goal each day, as well as who has the longest streak ranked from high to low.


Pace yourself to meet an individual goal of steps or active minutes over the course of several days or weeks! Set a total steps or active minutes goal for each participant to aim for over the course of your challenge. Each participant can track their daily pace to make sure they reach their individual target goal before the challenge end. 

For Target challenges, you'll also be able to see the percentage that each participant has earned towards their individual target goal.

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