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Can I Connect my Samsung device or Samsung Health data?
Can I Connect my Samsung device or Samsung Health data?

A reference for users with Samsung Health

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6/18/24 update:

The Health Connect integration for Android users remains a high priority for the Stridekick team. We sincerely appreciate your patience as we continue to work towards the release of our integration with Health Connect. In the interim, we suggest exploring these alternative options to participate in your Stridekick challenges for now. Thank you for your understanding.

Alternative Options

While we work to build a new Samsung Health integration with Health Connect, you can still participate in Stridekick challenges by using one of the following options below:

Option 1: Track Your Activity Data with Fitbit

If you don't have a fitness tracking device, not to worry! You can use your phone as your fitness tracker via the Fitbit app instead. You do not need to have a Fitbit device to use this method. Learn how to set this option up on your Android device here.

Option 2: Add your data manually with manual activity entry

Manual activity entry allows you to manually enter your steps from Samsung Health into Stridekick up to 7 days back. Learn more here.

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