If you've already created a challenge that hasn't started yet, you can easily edit and adjust your challenge goal, start date, duration, name, and description. 

Please note: You'll need to be the challenge creator to adjust these details.

Follow the steps below to edit your challenge details:

  1. Select the "Upcoming" tab from your Stridekick dashboard to view your upcoming challenge and select the ellipsis [...] menu button at the top right

  2. Select "Edit challenge"

3. Navigate through your challenge details and edit any details that you want to update. You'll be able to adjust your challenge goal and if you want to compete on steps or minutes (if applicable), duration, start date, challenge name, and description. 

Once your challenge starts, you will not be able to adjust these details, so please make sure to make any final edits to your challenge before it starts! 


If you have additional questions, please reach out to Stridekick support for assistance

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