What is the manual entry option?

The manual entry option allows you to enter your activity totals (steps, distance, and active minutes) up to 5 days back. With manual entry enabled for your account, you won't be able to automatically sync from a device, so we recommend syncing via one these devices if possible.  With manual entry enabled, all totals (including steps, distance, and minutes) will need to be manually updated.

No device? No problem! Sync with your phone instead!

Even if you don't have a fitness tracking device, that doesn't mean you automatically have to opt for manual entry to add steps into your Stridekick account. You can use your iPhone or Android device as your fitness tracker instead! Learn how to set that up here

Can I sync a device and use manual entry?

Since our team can only update a user to manual entry from the backend, you won't be able to switch between devices. If your device selection in Stridekick changes, you'll no longer be able to access manual entry.

How can I request manual entry for my account? 

The manual entry option is accessible by-request-only. Users interested in manual entry will need to reach out to our Support Team to request manual entry be enabled for their account. 

How do I use manual entry? 

If you've been granted access to manual entry, you'll now notice an option to Edit activity in your Your Activity section of your Stridekick dashboard. 

To add or adjust today's activity totals for your account, just select the Edit activity icon to begin editing and then press the blue Save button when finished: 

Note: You have to enter data for each metric for it to be accounted for.

Reminder: Please use manual entry in good faith

When you request the manual entry option, we are assuming that you are doing so in good faith. If we notice that you are abusing the feature, such as with falsifying totals, as per our Community Guidelines, we can remove this option from your account at any time.

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