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Stridekick Community Guidelines
Stridekick Community Guidelines

Learn about our community guidelines and prohibited behaviors

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Welcome to Stridekick! We’re glad you’re here.

At Stridekick, our mission is to make fitness fun and accessible to users of all activity levels.  We aim to empower people to lead healthier lives and provide a community that supports them throughout their fitness journey.  

In order to provide a supportive fitness community for all, we ask users to interact in a respectful and supportive manner at all times. Any abuse of the platform will not be tolerated. In particular, any chat messages or user accounts in violation of our guidelines may be removed without warning.

Please note: We may make updates to this document as needed.

Stridekick Community Guidelines

Treat others as you’d want to be treated.

Be empathetic and respectful towards fellow challenge participants at all times.

Positive vibes only.

Keep things upbeat and positive in chat. Don’t retaliate or engage in negative or hurtful chat messages. Instead, please report those to our team through this process

Share relevant content.

Feel free to share your day, your weather, your fitness routine, etc. in the chat but please do not share spam or other irrelevant content.

Keep it PG.

Stridekick is meant for a general audience. If you wouldn’t share it with your grandma, don’t share it in chat.

Keep it real.

Cheating and dishonesty can ruin the fun for everyone, so please be honest about your activities synced into Stridekick. 

Be mindful of our diverse community.

There are Stridekick users from all around the world and from all walks of life, so please be respectful and understanding of community differences.

No two fitness journeys are alike.

Everyone has a fitness journey, and no two journeys are alike. There are always going to be ups and downs regardless of your activity level, and this is what unites all of us. In line with that understanding, all Stridekick users should respect and support one another. 

Prohibited Behaviors

In addition to these guidelines, the following behaviors are strictly prohibited: 

  • Abusive or harmful language

  • Abusing the “Report message” feature in chat

  • Sharing spam or other irrelevant content

  • Using the platform as a dating site

  • Creating fake profiles or engaging in other scams

  • Solicitation

Violation of Guidelines

If a user account is found to be in violation of the Stridekick Community Guidelines, Stridekick may issue a formal warning to the account. If a second violation occurs, Stridekick may remove the account without further warning. Stridekick also reserves the right to remove accounts found in severe violation of these guidelines without warning.

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