Using the Chat Feature in Stridekick

Find out how to chat with fellow challenge participants, teammates, and friends in Stridekick

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Use Stridekick's chat feature to send messages and photos to fellow challenge members or directly to friends. You can also react to messages using chat reactions or reply within a thread to continue a conversation. 😎

Keep reading to learn more about how these features work in Stridekick!

Types of Chat

Challenge & Team Chat
Challenge & team chats allow you to chat in threads with all fellow challenge participants or team members. These threads will appear in your inbox if you've joined a challenge that includes a challenge or team chat and will remain in your inbox for 60 days after your challenge ends. You can mute all challenge and team chat notifications by following the steps in this guide.

Direct Chat with Friends
Direct Chat allows you to chat directly with friends you've added on Stridekick. Learn how to add friends and more here. Direct Chats will always remain in your inbox, even after your challenge ends.

How to Use Chat

Open Your Chat Inbox by Selecting the Chat tab

To access chat, you'll need to select "Chat" from the bottom navigation bar on your phone OR the top righthand corner of your screen on your computer.

Send Messages & Photos

To send a message or photo, begin by opening an existing chat thread or selecting the blue "New chat" button to open a new Direct Chat thread with a friend.

To send a message, simply type your message in the text box and click the green "Send" button.

Enabling photo permissions

To grant Stridekick access to your photos on iPhone devices, head to Settings on your phone > Stridekick > Photos > then choose Selected Photos or All Photos. You can also edit your selected photos from there if needed.

To grant Stridekick access to your photos on Android devices, please go to your phone's settings > Apps & notifications > Stridekick > Permissions manager > Camera > and tap Allow.

To send a photo on mobile:

  1. Open a chat thread

  2. Select the image icon to upload a photo OR use the camera icon to take a photo

  3. Preview your photo and press the blue "Send photo" to send

To send a photo from your computer:

  1. Open a chat thread

  2. Select the camera icon to upload from your computer

  3. Adjust the crop to be applied to your photo before sending

  4. Select "Upload" to send your photo

Add Chat Reactions, Reply in a Thread, or Report a Message on Mobile

From your phone, press and hold on the message or photo you want to interact with. Then, follow the steps below to Add a reaction, Reply in a thread, or Report a message as inappropriate:

Add a reaction

  1. Select "Add a reaction"

  2. Tap the reaction you want to add

  3. Your reaction will now appear below the message or photo.
    ​Note: To remove your reaction, just tap or click on the reaction below the message. You can also tap on a reaction that was added by another user to add the same reaction from your account.

Reply in a thread

  1. Select "Reply in a thread"

  2. Type your message and send
    ​Note: You can also access existing threads by tapping on the reply icon below a message

Report a message as inappropriate

  1. Select "Report message as inappropriate"

  2. Read over the details that appear and tap "Yes, report" to report the message
    ​Note: Reporting a message will permanently remove it from the chat. Others will no longer be able to see the message.

View Who Reacted to a Message

  1. Press and hold on a reaction

  2. View the users who have reacted from the overlay that appears as shown here:

3. Swipe down from the top of the overlay to return to the chat thread

Delete Chat Messages or Photos

To delete your post from your phone:

  1. Press and hold on the post you want to delete (Please note: you can only delete your own messages or photos)

  2. Select "Delete this message" from the options that appear

To delete your post from your computer:

  1. Hover your mouse over the post you want to delete

  2. Click "Delete" when the option appears above your post

In addition, the following rules apply to chat threads:

  • Direct messages with friends will be hidden automatically 14 days after there have been no new messages sent in the thread. If a new message is sent after 14 days, all chat history for the thread will still be visible.

    • Note: To clear chat history within a direct message, you'll need to remove the user as a friend. You can always request them as a friend again afterward if desired.

  • Challenge chat threads will be removed automatically 10 days after the challenge has ended.

Other Resources

You can also mute all push notifications from chat and report chat messages. Learn more about those options here:
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