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Identifying Scams or Scammers in Stridekick
Identifying Scams or Scammers in Stridekick

When sending direct messages to friends in Stridekick, please be mindful of these tips to stay safe from scam attempts

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Just as with any other social platform, there is a risk that scams and scammers are using the platform for malicious purposes. For this reason, we recommend practicing caution when meeting new users on our platform.

These tips can help you avoid scammers on Stridekick:

  1. Be hesitant to chat with users you don't know outside of the app, especially through a direct message. Although many users may be legitimate, there's always a chance that a user could be sharing fake details about themselves, so please proceed with caution. We suggest chatting with users you don't know in the challenge chat where your conversations are visible to the rest of the group.

  2. Lookout for warning signs, and never share any personal information about yourself, especially credit card details. Warning signs may include requests that you move to another platform to chat (such as Google Hangouts) or requests that you send them money. Stories that seem far-fetched can also be a warning that you may be chatting with a scammer. These warning signs may not show up until you've chatted with a user for a longer period of time, so please be cautious at all times.

  3. Don't click on suspicious links. Suspicious links can contain malware and can greatly put your security and privacy at risk. Only click links when you can verify the URL is legitimate and secure.

  4. Decline friend requests from users who seem suspicious or remove any suspicious users as friends if you've already added them. To remove a friend, please follow these steps:Select the Friends tab in the bottom navigation bar > Search for the friend you want to remove by full name or username > Tap on the user to view their profile > Tap on the green Friends button on the left > Confirm that you want to remove the friend by tapping Unfriend.

  5. If you're receiving duplicate requests from a user, we recommend leaving that request as pending to prevent them from requesting you again. Instead of selecting the "Decline" button when the request appears, simply leave that request as pending to prevent any further requests.

Other ways to combat scammers in Stridekick:

  1. Use our reporting feature to report any inappropriate messages. Our reporting feature allows users to report messages that are negative, offensive, or inappropriate. When you report a message, this removes the message or image entirely from the chat thread. Learn more here.

  2. Use our reporting feature to report a user from their profile. If you think you may have come across a scammer in the Stridekick app, you can report the user from their profile. From a user's profile, tap on the "..." ellipsis button in the upper right hand corner and click on the Report user button. Learn more here.

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