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If you are a new Fitbit user on Stridekick, welcome! This guide provides general information to help you get started on the platform.

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We’ve seen many new users joining the Stridekick platform after Fitbit announced they were sunsetting their Adventures, Challenges, and Open Groups on March 27, 2023.

We’re always excited to welcome new users to the platform, and have received lots of feature requests and questions from Fitbit users joining Stridekick for the first time. If you’re a new user, we’ve collected some of our most frequently asked questions in this guide to help you out!

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What is Stridekick?

Stridekick is a device agnostic platform that allows you to participate in and create challenges with friends and family.

Stridekick is not a fitness tracking device, and does not track your activity data. Instead, Stridekick syncs in 3 key metrics from your connected device in order to enable you to participate in challenges: steps, distance, and active minutes. Stridekick does not sync additional activity outside of these 3 metrics.

How is Stridekick different from Fitbit?

While many Fitbit users have migrated to Stridekick recently to participate in community challenges after Fitbit announced they will be removing this feature from their platform, Stridekick is a separate platform from Fitbit and is not a replacement for Fitbit.

Do I still need to use my Fitbit account with Stridekick?

You will still need to maintain your Fitbit account if you wish to sync your activity data from Fitbit to Stridekick. Stridekick syncs your data from your Fitbit account.

Devices & Syncing

How do I connect my Fitbit to Stridekick?

When you join Stridekick, you’ll need to connect a device in order to start syncing steps to the platform. Please follow the steps in this article to learn how to connect your Fitbit to Stridekick.

How do I sync my Fitbit to Stridekick?

To sync your Fitbit device to Stridekick once you’ve connected, please refer to this article.

What data syncs to Stridekick from a Fitbit device?

Steps, distance, and active minutes sync to Stridekick from a Fitbit account.

Please note that Stridekick does not sync zone minutes, which are calculated differently by Fitbit as compared to their active minutes category.

With a Fitbit, you can earn active minutes through 10 minutes or more of continuous moderate-to-intense activity, whereas Zone minutes are earned for time spent in the fat burn, cardio, or peak heart-rate zones. You can learn more about the difference between the two here.

In Stridekick, we pull in the active minutes that are sent to us from your Fitbit account that are earned through 10 minutes or more of continuous moderate-to-intense activity.

You should be able to log in to your Fitbit account at (the website, not the app) to view your active minutes recorded by your Fitbit. Here's an example of what you should see:

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer"></a>

How can I log activities?

In Stridekick, logged activities include activities logged through Daily Habit challenges or data added through manual activity entry.

If you track a workout with your Fitbit device—such as a Walk, Run, or Spinning—any steps, distance, and active minutes tracked by your Fitbit device during your workout will sync to Stridekick. However, Stridekick will not automatically sync the type of workout you completed as a logged activity.


How do I create a challenge and invite friends?

You can learn how to create a challenge in Stridekick here. To invite your friends to join a challenge you've created, please see this article. Only challenge creators can send in-app invites to invite others to join a challenge they created.

What types of challenges can I make?

When you create a challenge in Stridekick, you'll have the option to choose between 5 different challenge modes. You can learn more about the 5 types of challenges here.

How long can my challenges last?

Challenges in Stridekick can last anywhere between 1 to 31 days. We suggest making your first challenge at least 7 days to get the hang of how challenges work in Stridekick.

When will my challenge start and end?

Your challenge will start at 12:00am on the first day of your challenge based on the challenge creator’s time zone. If a challenge participant is in a different time zone, they will have from 12:00am in their time zone to earn any steps to ensure everyone has the same amount of time during the challenge.

Your challenge will end at 11:59pm on the final day of your challenge based on the challenge creator’s time zone. If a challenge participant is in a different time zone, they will have until 11:59pm in their time zone to earn any final steps to ensure everyone has the same amount of time during the challenge.

There is also 3-day grace period after your challenge ends to give participants in your challenge time to sync any remaining steps. You can learn more about the grace period here.

Can I end the grace period early?

It is not possible to end the grace period early. During the challenge grace period, your challenge is still considered active and will not be considered a completed challenge until the grace period is completed.

Can I delete or leave a challenge?

You can delete a challenge you created while it is still active. Learn how to delete challenges here. Once your challenge ends, you will not be able to delete the challenge.

For challenges you’ve joined, you can leave those challenges while the challenge is still active. You can learn how to leave a challenge you’ve joined here. Once the challenge ends, you will not be able to leave the challenge.

How do I search for a challenge?

If you're looking for a particular user-created challenge, it is not possible to search for that challenge. You'll need to join user-created challenges via an invitation sent by the challenge creator in the app or via an invitation link. You won't be able to join user-created challenges outside of these 2 options.

Can I join other challenges on Stridekick?

In addition to challenges you create, it is also possible to join community challenges in Stridekick! These challenges are available to all Stridekick users to join and are created throughout the year. Learn how to join a community challenge here. When you participate in a community challenge, please note that you will need to follow our Community Guidelines.

In addition to joining community challenges, you can join challenges that other Stridekick users have created. To join those challenges, you will need to receive a challenge invite in the app or a challenge invite link that will add you into the challenge. Learn more here.

Can I rematch or duplicate a challenge?

We do not have an option to rematch or duplicate challenges at this time.

How many challenges can I participate in at a time?

While it's only possible to create up to 5 active or upcoming user-created challenges from your account at one time, there is currently no limit on the number of challenges you can join.

Friends & Chat

Can I delete a chat thread?

To delete a chat message or photo you sent:

  1. Press and hold on the post you want to delete

  2. Select "Delete this message" from the options that appear

It isn’t possible to delete a direct chat thread with a friend at this time. Direct chat threads will remain in your chat inbox unless you remove the user as a friend. You can always request them as a friend again afterward should you remove them as a friend.

Can I delete a challenge chat thread for a challenge that has ended?

Challenge chat threads will automatically be removed 10 days after the challenge has ended.

Can I cancel a friend request?

Yes, if you used the in-app invite option, you can cancel invites you sent out if a user hasn't accepted yet. Please follow the steps below to cancel an unaccepted invitation:

  1. Open Stridekick and locate your challenge

  2. Click on the 3 ellipsis [...] to pull up the Challenge Menu.

  3. Tap the Invite friends to challenge button.

  4. Scroll through your list of friends to find who you've already invited. Select Cancel next to any invites that haven't been accepted.

How do I remove a friend?

To remove a friend, go to your Friends tab from the bottom navigation bar of the app > select the user you want to remove > select View profile > select the green Friends button > select Yes, unfriend.

How do I invite more than 9 friends to a challenge I created?

User-created challenges in Stridekick are limited to a max of 10 participants.

Stridekick’s in-app invitation feature allow you to send direct invites to your existing friends to join your challenges, or you can share your unique challenge join link via email/text/etc.

If you share the challenge join link, any user who clicks this link can be added to the challenge. You do not need to be friends with that person for them to join the challenge. Note that challenges are limited to 10 people, so the link will only work until your challenge has reached 10 participants.

How do I report a user or chat message?

While most of our users love to use chat to cheer each other on, sometimes you may see a message that can be unsportsmanlike. Keep the community experience positive by reporting messages that are negative or offensive. You can learn how to report a user or chat message here.

How do I adjust my profile privacy settings?

You can learn how to adjust your profile privacy settings from here. You can also review the FAQ section at the bottom to learn what users can see in the app based on your profile privacy level.

Can I import my friends from Fitbit to Stridekick?

We do not have an option to import contacts, so you will need to add friends by sending invites to friends directly. You should be able to search through username or first and last name to locate friends in Stridekick. You can learn more here.


Which languages is the Stridekick app available in?

The Stridekick mobile and web apps are currently available in English, Spanish, and Canadian French. You can learn how to adjust your language in Stridekick to one of these 3 options here.

Have another question?

Please reach out to our support team. Our team replies Monday - Friday from 9am-5pm CT. Happy stepping!

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