Stridekick 2.0 FAQ

The new Stridekick app is set to launch December 2019! Here are the answers to our frequently asked questions.

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Can I still make challenges on the current Stridekick app?

Yes, you can still make challenges in the current app, as long as the challenge end date is earlier than November 30th, 2019. Challenges from the old app will not be transferred over to the new app.

What if I'm in a challenge that is supposed to end after November 30th, 2019?

Existing challenges will not be carried over to the new app. Your challenge will end early on November 30th, even if the original end date was later.

Does my current Stridekick account transfer to the new app?

Unfortunately, you'll have to create a new account. We completely rebuilt the Stridekick app, meaning we were unable to transfer existing accounts or historical data. If you created an account before December 1st, 2019, you'll need to sign up again as a new user.

Is Stridekick still free?

You betcha. Stridekick is still free for anyone to use.

What's different in the new Stridekick app?

We're so glad you asked! Here's a quick overview of the major updates:

  • A new, easier-to-use design

  • More reliable device syncing for fast, up-to-date challenge scores

  • Totally revamped challenge modes including Streak, Target, and Leaderboard

  • New and improved community challenges that will feature different challenge modes and fun content

  • A new chat feature with emoji reactions, one-to-one messaging, and group chat rooms for every challenge you're in

How many people can participate in a challenge on the new app?

Challenges created by users can include up to ten people. Need more spots? Join a Stridekick community challenge, which allows for unlimited participation. Or, check out our paid MoveSpring product for more than ten users, nine challenge modes and an easy-to-use Admin Center.

How long can challenges last on the new app?

Challenges can last up to thirty-one days. If you're looking for a longer challenge, join a Stridekick community challenge, which typically runs between two and six weeks. Want even more freedom? Our paid MoveSpring product offers unlimited challenge creation for competitions that can last up to 90 days.

Will Stridekick 2.0 offer end user support?

Good news: we're bringing back end user support! Sometimes we all need a little help, whether that's connecting our fitness tracker or syncing our device. In Stridekick 2.0, you'll be able to ask for help via the web or mobile app.

What if I want to run a step challenge for my company or organization?

We built our MoveSpring step challenge product with companies and organizations in mind. MoveSpring offers nine challenge modes, customizable content, and an easy-to-use Admin Center. Download reports and track your group's progress over time. Options to purchase a subscription or one-time challenge.

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