Here is a quick overview of how Stridekick works:

Stridekick pulls your steps from your device's cloud, not your device directly, so you have to sync to your devices app to get your steps to Stridekick.

We check in with your device's cloud about every 10 minutes to see if you have synced anything new and when we find new data, we fetch any new data from the past week's data (approximately) since your most recent sync and pull it into Stridekick. "Force Sync" in our system forces Stridekick to check with your device's cloud instantly rather than waiting for the automatic check to happen.  

This means if you go more than a few days between syncs to your device app, we might miss some steps. We do this because we want to encourage everyone to sync regularly. Being in a challenge with someone who hasn't synced isn't very motivating or fun at all!

If you ever forget or can't sync for a day and are missing steps, don't panic! 

Contact our support team for assistance through your profile in the app or the orange chat icon in the right corner of the site for help.

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