First, pinky promise that you'll keep the secret hack a secret...ok, just kidding, you can tell all your friends! 

There are two ways to connect your Pebble to Stridekick! 

  1. Enable Google Fit/Apple Health on your Pebble Watch
  • Go to the Pebble Time app, then to the bottom of the page to the Health Settings button.
  • You should see an option to enable Google Fit or Apple Health (depending on your device) to connect to your device. 
  • You can then connect via Apple or Google fit through this link or on the app.

2.  Connect your Misfit through the Pebble App

  • Install the Misfit Watchapp from the Pebble App Store
  • Create a Misfit Account
  • Connect your Misfit Account to Stridekick through this link or on the app.
  • Make sure to sync your Pebble to the app on your phone every day so we can fetch your data from their cloud.  
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