If you're participating in a Daily Habit challenge, you will have the option to log an activity from the Stridekick mobile app. The activities you can log will be specified by your challenge admin or challenge creator.

To maintain accurate challenge scores, we recommend updating the activities you've completed daily. If you do forget to log an activity, you'll be able to log within the past 7 days if needed. To learn how to manually log steps, distance, or active minutes into your account instead, please see this article.

Note: The Stridekick website (app.stridekick.com) will not allow you to log activities. You must access Stridekick from the mobile app in order to log activities for your challenge.

Log an Activity from Your Dashboard

Log Today's Activity

  1. If you're participating in a challenge based on logged activities, you will see a Log an Activity section in your Stridekick dashboard, just above your Challenges section. This is where you'll be able to quickly log any daily activities that have been specified by your community challenge admin.

  2. To log an activity from here for today, select the activity and then swipe to complete the designated action or activity.

  3. You'll see a notification that your activity was successfully scored into your challenge. Select View challenge to see updated challenge scores, or Done to return to your dashboard.

Log an Activity within the Past 7 Days

  1. To log an activity for a previous day from your dashboard, select the activity from your Log an Activity section.

  2. Adjust the date accordingly.

3. Swipe to mark the activity complete.

Log an Activity from Your Daily Habit Challenge

  1. To open your challenge, select View challenge from your Challenges section in your dashboard or from the Challenges tab and locate your Daily Habit challenge.

  2. Select the activity nickname as shown below to open the overlay.

  3. From here, swipe to complete today's activity, or select a new date first before swiping to mark a previous day as complete instead.

Log an Activity from your Daily Goals Log

  1. To access your Daily Goals Log, select View stats from your Daily Habit challenge to open your Streak or Stick to It challenge stats.

  2. Select the View logged activity button to open your Daily Goals Log.

3. From here, you can view all of your previous daily goals and whether or not you completed the activity for the day. To complete an activity within the past 7 days, select the date you want to log the activity to open the overlay and then swipe to mark the activity as complete.

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