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How to Create a Daily Habit Challenge
How to Create a Daily Habit Challenge

Learn how to create your own daily habit challenge from the Stridekick mobile app

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Before getting started, please keep in mind:

  • You can invite up to 9 other participants to all user-created challenges. If you need more than 10 people in a challenge, we suggest looking into our paid platform, MoveSpring.

  • You can create up to five user-created challenges at a time from your Stridekick account. If you've reached the max, you'll be able to create another challenge once one of your five existing challenges ends.

  • User-created challenges cannot be created from the Stridekick website. User-created challenges can only be created from the Stridekick mobile app.

  • All Daily Habit challenges are self-reported and are not tracked by your device. You will need to log your habit in the app to make progress in your challenge. Learn more about activity logging here.

How to create a habit challenge in Stridekick:

  1. Open the Stridekick mobile app

  2. Click the blue Join/Create button in Dashboard Challenges section

  3. Select Create a Challenge

  4. Select Daily Habit

  5. Choose from a preset daily habit, or create your own by entering a full description (50 character limit) and a nickname (13 character limit) that you'll use to log your habit each day.

6. Choose your Challenge duration and Start date and select Continue.

7. Create a Challenge name and an optional Challenge description. Select Edit challenge image to update your challenge image if preferred. When you’re finished updating your challenge details, select Save and review to create the challenge.

8. After setting up your challenge, you can invite your friends to your challenge, or choose to keep it solo!

9. Your challenge should now appear in your Challenges tab, and you will be able to log your habit from the app by following the steps linked here.

More on user-created challenges

For more information on creating and deleting user-created challenges, please click here.

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