How to Log an Activity

Learn how to log daily habit activities and manual activities

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Activities to log in Stridekick

There are two types of activities you can log in Stridekick:

  • Manual activities

  • Daily habit activities*

Manual activities are activities added through manual activity entry. Daily habit activities are determined by challenge creators as part of daily habit challenges. You need to be participating in a daily habit challenge to see the option to log these activities.

To maintain accurate challenge scores, we recommend updating the activities you've completed daily. If you forget to log an activity, you'll be able to log within the past 7 days if needed. Learn more about logging each type of activity below.

*Note: The Stridekick website ( will not allow you to log daily habit activities. You must access Stridekick from the mobile app in order to log these activities.

Deleting logged activities

For detailed instructions on deleting logged activities in Stridekick, click here.

Logging manual activities

Manual activity entry allows you to add activities with optional accompanying steps, distance, and active minutes totals into your Stridekick account. Data added through manual activity entry will be combined with any device data synced for the day. You can also choose to enter a manual activity without any associated activity data.

How to log a manual activity from the mobile app

  1. From your dashboard, select the floating “+” icon in the bottom right corner, or select the Add activity button:

  2. Select the Add a manual activity button or select a recent manual activity to log. Enter your activity name, optional associated steps, distance, and/or active minutes totals, and select the corresponding date. By default, the date will be set to today. Select Save to save your entry to your account.

  3. Once your activity has been added, you’ll see a confirmation at the bottom of your screen confirming that your activity has been saved:

    Learn more about manual activities here.

Logging daily habit activities

If you're participating in a daily habit challenge, you will have the option to log a daily habit activity from the Stridekick mobile app. The activities you can log will be specified by the challenge creator.

Log a daily habit activity from the mobile app

To log a daily habit activity for today from your dashboard, select the activity from your Log a daily habit section and then swipe to complete the designated action. Select View challenge to see updated challenge scores, or Done to return to your dashboard.

To log a daily habit activity for a previous day from your dashboard, select the activity from your Log a daily habit section. Adjust the date accordingly (within the past 7 days) and swipe to mark the activity as complete.

Log a daily habit activity from your challenge in the app

To log a daily habit activity from your challenge, open your challenge and locate your daily habit challenge mode. Select the activity nickname and swipe to complete the action. Select “Done” to return to your challenge, or “View challenge” to see detailed challenge stats.

By selecting View stats for your daily habit mode, you can open the “My stats” tab. From here, you can see a detailed view of your challenge stats. Select View logged activity to open your Daily Goals Log, where you can view your previous daily goals and whether or not you completed the activity for the day. Tap to edit a logged activity for the past 7 days.

Learn more about daily habit challenges here.

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