Now that you’ve connected your Misfit, learn how to sync steps, distance, and active minutes to Stridekick. We’ll also show you how to make sure you’ve got data available to sync!

The Syncing Process

To sync to Stridekick, you first need to check that your steps are available to sync by opening the Misfit app and syncing your Misfit device by pulling from the right towards the center of your screen.  This will pull your most recent activity data into the Misfit cloud server, which is where Stridekick gets your steps.  

Once you’ve synced your steps to Misfit’s cloud server, open your Stridekick app and wait to see a ‘Last synced:' message to confirm that you’ve synced to Stridekick.  

We recommend syncing your Misfit totals to the cloud server and then opening the Stridekick app to sync at least once a day during your challenge.

All Stridekick challenges have a 72-hour grace period after the challenge ends to give you extra time to sync your final steps, so make sure you sync before the grace period is up.

What if Steps Aren’t Syncing to Misfit’s Cloud Server?

If steps, distance, or minutes aren’t in your Misfit cloud server, then they can’t sync to Stridekick.  You can confirm that you have data available for Stridekick to sync by logging in here to see if your Misfit device’s activity is in the cloud server.

If activity data isn’t showing in your Misfit cloud server or syncing correctly to Stridekick, please see these troubleshooting tips for Misfit users.

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