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Google Fit isn’t Syncing to Stridekick
Google Fit isn’t Syncing to Stridekick
What to do if Google Fit isn’t syncing with Stridekick
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If Google Fit isn’t syncing to Stridekick and you’ve already learned how to sync Google Fit to Stridekick, you’ll need to determine whether activity data is correct in Google Fit. Steps, distance, and minutes data should be correct here:

Steps are Correct in Google Fit

If you’re seeing steps in Google Fit but they aren’t syncing to Stridekick, please confirm that you’ve selected the correct Google account when connecting to Stridekick. You can check the email you’ve connected to Google Fit by opening the Google Fit app > selecting the “Profile” tab at the bottom of your screen> See the email listed under your name. 

After confirming your email address, reconnect Google Fit to Stridekick and be sure to select the same Google account that you’ve connected to Google Fit.

Steps aren’t Correct in Google Fit

If you aren't seeing steps in Google Fit, here’s a link to the Google Fit support site, as well as instructions to turn on activity tracking in Google Fit:

  1. On your phone, open the Google Fit app.

  2. At the bottom, tap Profile.

  3. At the top, tap Settings.

  4. Under "Activity tracking," tap Automatic activity tracking "On".

If steps from your Pebble, Xiaomi, or other device or app aren’t showing in Google Fit, then you’ll need to troubleshoot the connection between your specific device and Google Fit. 

Check Your Time Zone Setting
If your time zone in Stridekick isn't correct, this could be causing your syncing issues. Double-check your time zone by following the steps below:

Mobile App

  1. From the dashboard, tap the 3 horizontal bars in the upper left corner

  2. Tap Settings

  3. Scroll down to the time zone field and tap to adjust if needed

  1. Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner

  2. Click Settings

  3. Scroll down to the time zone field and click to adjust if needed

Need More Help?

If your activity tracking is on, you’ve confirmed your Google account is correct, and you’re still having trouble syncing, please reach out to our Support Team by clicking the orange chat icon at the bottom right of your screen for more help.

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