How to View and Earn Badges

Learn how to view and earn Badges in the Stridekick mobile app

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What are Badges?

Badges allow you to celebrate achievements you've made in Stridekick! You'll earn a Badge when you complete a designated action, such as syncing activity into Stridekick, adding friends, sending chat messages, creating challenges, and more.

Where Do I View My Badges?

Badges can currently only be viewed in the Stridekick mobile app. You can quickly access Badges by scrolling to the bottom of your mobile dashboard, or you can see a full list of your Badges in your mobile profile! Just tap into the "Badges" section to see a list of all the Badges you've earned and preview the Badges you could earn. See the screenshot below for reference:

How Do I Earn a Badge?

Learn how to earn any Badge by simply tapping on it! You'll see an explanation of how to earn the Badge and can swipe down to return to the previous screen, as shown below:

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