Now that you’ve created your challenge, learn how to invite friends to join! 

You can invite your friends to join your challenge 2 different ways: 

  1. Directly through the Stridekick mobile app by sending invites to existing friends
  2. Via text or email by sending out a join link to new users

Please note: You must be the creator of the challenge to invite friends to join. 

Option 1: Inviting Existing Friends in the Stridekick Mobile App

To invite friends directly through the Stridekick app, you’ll need to be friends with those users in Stridekick. To learn how to add friends, please see this article. Once you’ve added friends, you’ll be able to invite them to your challenge using the Stridekick mobile app only

Please follow the steps below to invite your existing friends to your challenge:

  1. Open the Stridekick app to your dashboard and scroll down to your Challenges section. Find the challenge you created.  If your challenge isn’t active yet, it can be found in the “Upcoming” tab.
  2. Tap the “Invite Friends” button to begin adding friends to your challenge.

3. Scroll through your list of friends to find who you want to invite or search by username. Click “Invite” to send an invite to that friend.  Challenges are limited to 10 participants, so you’ll be able to send up to 9 invites until your challenge has reached that limit. You'll see a countdown at the bottom of your screen to indicate how many invites are remaining.

4. When you’re finished inviting users, tap “Done” to go back to your challenge view. Wait for users to respond and enjoy the friendly competition!

Option 2: Inviting New Users to Join Your Challenge with a Join Link

If you don't have friends on Stridekick yet, no problem! Just share the Invite Link you received after creating your challenge to invite your friends to join Stridekick.

Please follow the steps below to invite new users to join your challenge:

  1. After creating your challenge, select "COPY" to copy the invite link to your clipboard. You can also access your challenge join link at any time during your challenge by selecting the ellipsis [...] button at the top right of your challenge and selecting "View challenge details" from the menu options. After copying your unique join link, you should see a modal confirming that your invite link successfully was copied.

2. Next, paste your invite link into a text or email to send to your friends. Add a fun message to share your excitement for your upcoming challenge! 

3. Your job is done! Now it's up to your friends and family to click the join link you shared to create an account. Once they've created an account, they should be automatically added into your challenge since they joined via your unique join link.

I Haven't Created a Challenge Yet. Can I Still Invite Friends to Join Stridekick?

If you haven't yet created a challenge, no problem! You can share this link instead:  After clicking this link, your friends will be prompted to create an account in Stridekick but will not be auto-added into a challenge you created.


If you have additional questions, please reach out to our support team by selecting the orange chat icon at the bottom right of this screen. We're always happy to help!

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