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How Can I Change My Fitness Tracking Device?
How Can I Change My Fitness Tracking Device?

Use this article to edit your fitness tracking device preference to a new device

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Changing your fitness tracking device in Stridekick is easy! 

On our mobile app, please follow these steps below:

  1. Go to your Dashboard

  2. Select the menu bars in the top left corner

  3. Select My Device from the Utility Panel

  4. Scroll down and tap on the device field

  5. Select your new device from the options and follow the prompts to connect

  6. Confirm your new device

On our web application, please follow these steps below: 

  1. Navigate to your settings in Stridekick by clicking your profile icon in the top righthand corner, then selecting "Settings" from the dropdown menu

  2. Scroll down and click on the device field

  3. Select your new device from the options and follow the prompts to connect

  4. Confirm your new device

Please note: Apple Health and Google Fit cannot be connected from our web application. You'll need to connect those from our mobile application only.

Will I Lose My Previously Synced Data If I Change My Device? 

While you won't lose any data synced for previous dates in your challenge, we recommend making a device switch either at the end of the day (once you've synced all steps from the original device) or early in the morning (before you've started stepping). This avoids any lost steps on the day of the swap, as Stridekick will pull steps only from the device showing higher totals. Stridekick will not combine steps from multiple devices synced in the same day.

Where Can I Find Instructions to Connect a Particular Device?

If you'd like specific instructions on connecting a particular device to Stridekick (such as a Fitbit or Garmin), just navigate to the Getting Started page in the Stridekick Help Center and select the article about connecting your device.

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