How Do I Edit My Profile?

Follow these steps to edit your username, password, email, profile picture, cover photo, privacy settings, and more

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Stridekick allows you to easily change your name, profile photo, cover photo, username, email, password, and time zone, as well as switch between viewing your distance in kilometers or miles. 

To edit your profile on our web application, please navigate to 

To edit your profile on the app:

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard

  2. Select the menu bars in the top left corner

  3. Select Settings from the Utility Panel

Now you can edit the following details:

Profile Photo

To change your profile photo, select the camera icon by your current image. You can select a fun Stridekick avatar, take a photo, or choose a photo from your library.*

Note: To do this, you will need to grant Stridekick access to your camera or storage.

Cover Photo

To change your cover photo, select the camera icon next to your default photo. From here, you can select one of our premade options. Take a photo or choose a photo from your library.*
Note: To do this, you will need to grant Stridekick access to your camera or storage.

Bio (previously referred to as location)

To add a bio, select Add your bio, enter a short bio that describes you, and select Update bio. To edit your bio, tap the bio field in your profile. Once you’ve entered your new bio, select the Update bio button to save your changes.

Name, Username, or Email

To change your name, username, or email select the field, delete what you currently have, and type in your new choice. Select the Update box and you should see your selection appear replacing your old one. If you do not see your selection, Stridekick has not saved your changes. Please note that Stridekick does not allow duplicate usernames. If the username is already in use, then your choice will not save.


To change your password while logged into Stridekick, select the Password field from your settings page, enter your current password, and then enter your new password. Select Continue and you should see a message that your password was successfully changed. If you're not logged into Stridekick and need to reset your password instead, please see this guide.


To change your timezone, tap into the Timezone selection (where you see your current timezone) and select your new timezone. From here, click Save to update the timezone. Your selection should now appear replacing your old one.

Privacy settings

To change your Privacy settings, select Profile Privacy to set your preferred level of privacy.

Privacy Options
Public - Anyone can view your Profile.
Friends Only - Only your accepted friends can see your Profile.
Private - No one, not even your friends, can see your Profile.

Distance metric

To view distance as kilometers, tap the toggle next to Show distance in km. If the toggle is blue, you've selected kilometers. To switch back to viewing your distance in miles, tap the same toggle again.


If you have any questions or need additional support, please reach out to our Support Team

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