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How Do I Connect Samsung Health via Samsung's Health Platform app?
How Do I Connect Samsung Health via Samsung's Health Platform app?

A reference for users with a Samsung phone (Android 8.0+ required) to sync Samsung Health data to Stridekick

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Requirements for using Samsung's Health Platform app

Stridekick offers a direct connection to Samsung Health through the Samsung Health Platform app. Requirements to download Samsung's Health Platform app are:

  • Must have a Samsung phone

  • Must be on Android 8.0 or higher

If you do not meet these requirements, please click here for alternative options to participate.

Please also keep in mind:

  • Syncing via Samsung’s Health Platform app is still in alpha testing. This means you may see discrepancies between Stridekick and Samsung Health. We wanted to get this functionality out to our users as soon as we were able to offer it, but if you do notice discrepancies, please contact the Stridekick support team to let us know.

  • According to Samsung's Health Platform app, some mobile devices with Android OS 11.0 or higher are not supported, and features may depend on your region, network carrier, model of your device, etc.

  • In our experience, Health Platform does not pull in previous activity data. Only activity data tracked after you enable data permissions will sync from Health Platform to Stridekick. This means totals may not be correct on the first day you connect Samsung Health to Stridekick.

How to set up Samsung Health Platform to sync to Stridekick

Step 1: Set up Samsung Health to sync to Health Platform

  1. Download Samsung's Health Platform app from Google Play. (If Health Platform is already installed, please go to the next step.)

  2. Open the Samsung Health app and select the menu icon (three dots) > Settings > Connected services:

  3. Select Health Platform and scroll all the way down to the Allow to send section. Toggle on Activity here:

Step 2: Set up Health Platform to sync to Stridekick

  1. Open the Stridekick app

  2. From your dashboard, select the menu icon (3 horizontal lines) at the top left corner

  3. Select My device from the Utility Panel

  4. Select Samsung Health via Health Platform from the options shown:

5. Select Allow and then toggle on Allow All here to grant Stridekick access to your Health Platform Activity data:

6. You'll see a message that Samsung Health via Health Platform is now connected as your device!

Best practice tip: Enable Sync with Samsung account

Syncing your data with your Samsung account means that your data is safely stored in your Samsung account (versus only being saved locally on your Samsung device).

This can be helpful if you get a new phone but want to maintain your Samsung Health data from previous devices, for example. You can enable syncing with your Samsung account in both Samsung Health and the Samsung Health Platform App. Learn more here.


What is Samsung's Health Platform app?

Health Platform is an app created by Samsung. The app collects and manages your health data from various health apps. It also supports Health Data API provided by Google, which allows Stridekick to access your Samsung data.

Where should I go for support related to the Samsung's Health Platform app?

You can submit questions specific to the Samsung Health Platform app at

What should I do if I don't meet the requirements to download Samsung's Health Platform app?

If you don't meet the requirements, there are still other options for you to participate on Stridekick. Please click here for alternatives.

Once I've followed the steps to connect, how do I sync?

You can learn how to sync from Samsung Health (via Samsung's Health Platform app) to Stridekick here.

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