My Device Isn't Listed. Can I Still Participate?

Learn how to use a device that doesn't directly connect to Stridekick to participate in your challenges

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After reviewing whether your device is compatible with Stridekick here, you realize that it's not on the list. What now?

Here are 3 ways you can still participate in your challenges on Stridekick:

Use your phone as a bridge between your device and Stridekick

  1. Check to see if your device's app can send steps to the Google Fit app (on an Android phone) or Apple Health app (on an iPhone). Typically, this option can be found in the Settings menu of your device's app if it's available.

  2. Follow the prompts to connect your device's app to Google Fit/Apple Health. Confirm that steps are showing correctly in Google Fit/Apple Health from your device app to make sure the connection is working.

  3. Moving forward, to sync successfully, please open your device's app first > then Google Fit or Apple Health > then Stridekick to make sure steps are syncing correctly.

Note: This option may work for Huawei, VeryFitPro, and Strava, etc. However, it does require your device app to reliably send step data into Google Fit/Apple Health. If your device app can't reliably send data into Google Fit/Apple Health, we'd suggest using one of the other 2 options listed below.

Use your phone as your fitness tracking device

To use your iPhone as your tracking device instead, you can follow this guide to connect to Stridekick.

To use your Android phone as your tracking device instead, you can follow this guide to connect to Stridekick.

Note: With this option, it's important to carry your phone with you (in your pocket, for example) for your steps to count as someone would when using a pedometer.

Use manual activity entry and the activity converter to directly input data into Stridekick

If you don't have a device to connect and would prefer to enter your totals manually, you can use manual activity entry and the activity converter in Stridekick. Learn more about each feature below:

You can directly input your data into Stridekick up to 7 days back.

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